Undersea Jewels


by Gary Cobb & Richard C. Willan. 2006.

310 pages filled with over 700 photos of 277 species of sea slugs from the Sunshine Coast of Australia (off Brisbane). For many of the species photos in close ups of gill, rhinophores, notual texture, underside of foot and eggs, etc. Several new occurrences to eastern Australia are noted.

Call Gail Kenmuir of the ABRS on 02 6250 9435 to purchase your copy now! Resellers get 40% off the $60 retail price. Check out Nudibranch.com.au for the latest information on nudibranchs found here on the Sunshine Coast, Australia.

In Australia - $60 AUS
In the US from Sea Challengers - $45, plus $4.00 handling (USD)

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