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Specimens are needed! Almost every branch field guide that has come out over the past several years has included a number of species that are yet undescribed. The authors of those books would be very interested in obtaining material (live or preserved specimens, photographs, data, etc.) to be used in the eventual description of these species. In most cases the biggest drawback to describing a new species is getting enough specimens to do the necessary dissections to base the description on. Pacific Coast Nudibranchs for example, contains over 20 species that are right under the divers nose, but that California taxonomists haven't enough material to work with. Between Dave Behrens' first and second editions, six were described. Two more new names have come out since then. There's many more to go. The Web Master would be happy to notify appropriate workers of your findings.

We would be interested in posting other opisthobranch resources on the Net and hope to compile an E-mail address list of interested Brancher's.


David W. Behrens

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