Facelina bostoniensis

Image courtesy of Jerry Shine
Old Garden Beach in Rockport, MA.
Facelina bostoniensis (Couthouy, 1838)

Facelina bostoniensis (Bill Rudman's Sea Slug Forum) is easy to recognize in the US northeast since it's the only aeolid around with lamellate rhinophores. I observed the one above make a beeline straight toward the cerianthid from at least ten feet away. When it bit onto a tentacle, the cerianthid retracted into the muck, taking the nudibranch with it. A short time later, I came across a second F. bostoniensis emerging from a burrow. It seems as though latching onto a tentacle and being pulled under may be a part of its feeding strategy, much like that of Dendronotus iris.

Jerry Shine
Somerville, MA
Oct., 2012

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Michael Miller
San Diego, Calif

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