Aplysia oculifera

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Lembeh Straits, Indonesia
Freeze Frame from Video
Aplysia oculifera A. Adams & Reeve, 1850

Well this is one of the largest slugs we have done in awhile, and one whose name has survived the turmoil of taxonomic revision and time. No one has moved it from its original placement by Adams & Reeve, in Aplysia. Thank you Lord.

Its name tells it all - "oculifera" - meaning "ringed", or bearing "eyes." This species mantle is covered with numerous small black rings, separated by a series of small white spots.

It is one of the exceptional swimming sea hares - using its large parapodia to flap like a butterfly (sting like a bee) - oops pardon me - I digress - sorry Mohammed Ali.

There has been some discussion on the Sea Slug Forum about the similarity of this ringed species to the ringed Aplysia dactyomela Rang, 1828, but the differences anatomically and zoo- geographically are significant.

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