Noumea sp. 4

Image courtesy of Michael Miller
Anilao, Batangas, Philippines

Noumea sp. 4 undescribed

Well Webmaster Mike captured this beauty on video in Anilao, Philippines. Supporters of Breast Cancer Awareness Week would be proud of its choice of coloration.

This lovely pink critter has an opaque white marginal band and a network of faint white lines on the dorsum. The rhinophores and gill are bright red.

Members of this group are relatively small and have a distinctive radula with an inner tooth that is much wider than the other teeth.

Mike's observation extends its geographical range from Papua New Guinea and the Marshall Islands to the Philippines.

Dave Behrens
Sammamish, WA 98074
Jun, 2018
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From left to right, Terry Gosliner, Angel Valdes, Dave Behrens La Jolla, Calif.

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