Polycera sp. 1

Image courtesy of Webmaster
Dive Site Secret Bay, Anilao, Philippines
Freeze-Frame from Video
Nikon CoolPix AW 130
Photo by Jim Anderson Dive Site El Pinoy, Anilao, Philippines
Polycera sp. 1 (in NSSI)

We will have eight undescribed species of Polycera when the Second Edition of Nudibranch and Sea Slug Identification hits the streets this fall.

We have observed this species both in Indonesia and now in the Philippines.

Its coloration is simple, being white with a series of interrupted black lines, and yellow pigment on the velar tentacles, rhinophores, gill and foot.

Like other Polycerids it feed on arborescent bryozoans.

WEBMASTER'S NOTES: Well, for those of who have had the good fortune to dive Anilao and Secret Bay in particular, you know Secret Bay isn't so "secret" anymore but does offer so amazing photographic opportunities from time to time. It was a morning dive while attending the annual "CritterFest" workshop at Crystal Blue Resort this January. I decided to split off from the group as the area is rather fragile and subject to "silt out" for video guys when there are too many divers mucking around! Much to my delight I found this 5-7mm guy in about 25 ft. of water! I settled down and was able to get semi-acceptable video. The moment was almost serendipity as I had looked for this undescribed Polycerid on an earlier trip to the Komodos last September and came up short!

As it turns out, Jim Anderson also saw it during the Nudiwork Shop hosted by Jim and Dave at Crystal Blue Resort March 1st thru March 10th of this year.

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April, 2018
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From left to right, Terry Gosliner, Angel Valdes, Dave Behrens La Jolla, Calif.

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