Goniobranchus sp. 30

Image courtesy of Iain Fraser
Secret Garden, Komodo National Park, Indonesia
Length 30mm, Depth 13.5 meters

Goniobranchus sp. 30 NSSI (Undescribed)

This specimen of Goniobranchus sp. 30 as listed in Gosliner, Valdes & Behrens, 2015 was photographed at Secret Garden, in Komodo National Park, Indonesia during what turned out to be Iain's first live-aboard dive trip - on the Wunderpus. Finding it in this location represents a range extension to the West having been recorded previously from Papua New Guinea and Vanuatu.

Iain Fraser works as an analytical chemist for a pharmaceutical company, currently living in Sweden. His fascination with, and exploration of coral reefs and the underwater world began around 2000, first through snorkelling and then learning to dive in 2002. Since then he has returned to SE Asia almost every year since, usually to Indonesia with many diving focused holidays. He also enjoys underwater photography, comfortable hammocks he can swing in, reading fantasy novels, and listening to country and western radio stations.

Iain uses a Canon PowerShot S100 with internal flash and diffuser and gets some great results with it. He not only 'targets' nudibranchs but many other marine creatures and also shoots some excellent videos which he shares online. He is a great person to dive with as he readily shares his finds with others.

The Wunderpus is a small live-aboard dive boat (for up to 10 divers) which runs out of Labuanbajo, Flores, Indonesia but trip organiser & member Bree Zabriski persuaded the owners to start the trip in Bima, Sumbawa moving to Sangeang Island for most of the time and then for the last couple of days to Komodo National Park before finishing in Labuanbajo. Excellent crew and excellent food!

Lindsay Warren
Bali, Indonesia
Nov., 2017
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