Underwater Guide Madeira, Canary Islands, and Azores

The following images are excerpts from Dr. Peter Wirtz's book "Unterwasserfuhrer Madeira Kanaren/Azoren" published by Delius Klasing in Stuttgart, Germany. The book costs 47.80 DM plus postage. For additional details, contact:

Dr. Peter Wirtz

Send Dr. Wirtz E-Mail at biomar@dragoeiro.uma.pt

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Picture File List
Image File Size Genus Species
wirtz1.jpg 103K Polycera elegans
wirtz11.jpg 67K Tambja ceutae
wirtz13.jpg 68K Hypselodoris webbi
wirtz14.jpg 79K Hypselodoris fontandraui
wirtz16.jpg 58K Tambja sp.
wirtz18.jpg 71K Pleurobranchus testudinarius
wirtz19.jpg 64K Platydoris argo
wirtz2.jpg 79K Limacia clavigera
wirtz20.jpg 61K Discodoris atromaculata
wirtz4.jpg 67K Discodoris confusa
wirtz5.jpg 93K Hyselodoris bilineata
wirtz6.jpg 86K Dendrodoris herytra
wirtz21.jpg 74K Glossodoris edmunsi
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