Ceratosoma tenue

Ceratosoma tenue Abraham, 1876
Family Chromodorididae

This chromodorid, sometimes called the Kangaroo Nudibranch because of its long heavy tail, is larger than most other Hawaiian species of Chromodoris and occasionally hosts the small commensal shrimp Periclimenes imperator. Orange-gold or brownish orange mottled with white, it has purple spots distributed about its body and one at the tip of each rhinophore. A fleshy projection rises behind the gills; the tail, equal in length to the rest of the body, trails behind. Ceratosoma cornigerum is a synonym. To at least 3 in., probably larger. Indo-Pacific.

Photo: Halona Blowhole, O`ahu. 60 ft.

Photo and Text courtesy of John Hoover

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Hawaii's Fishes, a Guide for Snorkelers, Divers and Aquarists Mutual Publishing, 1993

Hawaii's Underwater Paradise, Mutual Publishing, 1997

Hawaii's Sea Creatures, a guide to Hawaii's Marine Invertebrates. Mutual Publishing, 1999.

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