Okenia hallucigenia

Image courtesy of David Cowdery
Photo taken at Julian Rocks, Byron Bay, Australia.
Nikon D800 with DS160 substrobes

Photo courtesy of David Cowdery

Okenia hallucigenia Rudman 2004

Members of the genus Okenia all feed on bryozoans or tunicates and are characterized by having a series of appendages along the side of the body and in some species down the center of the dorsum. Fellow Branchers Bill Rudman and Terry Gosliner are responsible for most of the described species names. In the Indo-Pacific twelve remain unnamed.

Of the six red and pink Okenias, Okenia hallucigenia is the easiest to identify. It is the only one with no white on the body. The body is pink with darker reddish apices on the appendages and rhinophores.

Known from both temperate and tropical Australia this species reaches about 15 mm in length and feeds on the arborescent bryozoans Pleurtoichus clathratus.

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Dave Behrens
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Aug., 2016
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David Cowdery

Dave Cowdery is a retired biomedical engineer and Divemaster at Byron Bay Australia. He has over 5000 logged dives. He is a keen participant in trips organized by Graham Abbott at Diving4Images and has dived the tropics extensively from Cocos Keeling Islands east to Niue. 3 Camera equipment used: D800 with DS160 substrobes

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From left to right, Terry Gosliner, Angel Valdes, Dave Behrens La Jolla, Calif.

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