Marionia sp.

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Pier Dive, Anilao, Batangas, Philippines
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Marionia sp. (undescribed)
Marionia sp. (undescribed)

This is a new species in Nudibranchs and Sea Slug Identification. We were not aware of it when the original Indo-Pacific Nudibranchs was published. We placed it in Marionia because it has stomach plates in the digestive system and low tubercles on the surface of the body.

The body color reddish-purple encrusted with opaque white. Some specimens are ornamented with a complex network of thin blue lines and spots. Gill tufts are short and highly branched. The color of the velar appendages varies between specimens and may be green or brown.

This species is usually found under coral rubble where it feeds on soft corals. Its geographic range includes Indonesia and the Philippines. I'll bet we'll see this one at the March Nudibranch Workshops in Anilao, Philippines.

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