Doto greenamyeri

Milne Bay, PNG
Image courtesy of John Greenamyer

Doto greenamyeri Shipman & Gosliner 2015

Whether you have called this wonderful little species the "Honey Dipper Doto" or the "Donut Doto" we can refer to it now as Greenamyer's Doto. John Greenamyer is a friend and an avid underwater photographer, and first brought this species to our attention back in 2004.

This species is a classical Doto with pulpet shaped rhinophores, but it stand out from the group having cerata that resemble a wooden honey-dipper . The color of individual specimens can vary from a light morph (above) to almost black (side photo). Depending on the morph, the foot either has a gold-orange marginal band or a brown-black band. Like other species of Doto, the cerata do not function as a respiratory organ. In this group the gill is situated on the interior side at the base of each cerata and can be seen as an opening on the surface of the cerata, justiposed next to a ruffled pseudobranch, or gill tuft.

Shipman & Gosliner (2015) examined both the morphological as well as the molecular characteristic of dozens of species of Doto from the Atlantic, the Mediterranean and the Indo-Pacific. The paper even describes a new genus for the long bodied species of Dotidae, naming it Kabeiro. We will show you some of those in upcoming BOW's.

D. greenamyeri is common in Indonesia, especially in Bali, and is known also from Papua New Guinea

Dave Behrens
Sammamish, WA 98074
July., 2015
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Linda Blanchard, John Greenamyer , and Kevin Lee
Recognition Ceremony
Orange County Underwater Photographic Society monthly meeting
July 14th, 2015

John Greenamyer has been diving some thirty years with a macro u/w photography pursuit using both still photography and video. His favorite diving areas are PNG and Indonesia with an emphasis on PNG, especially the Milne Bay region so popularized for its "muck" photographic opportunities. On many of these trips, he was in the company of Roger Steene, Neville Coleman and Ali Hermosillo on the CHERTAN!

John has been kind of a mentor to me when it comes to super macro sea slug videos! John is also a great supporter of the site and I look forward to diving with him again in the future!

Congratulations John, your naming is an honor richly deserved!

Michael Miller
San Diego, Calif
July, 2015

From left to right, Terry Gosliner, Angel Valdes, Dave Behrens La Jolla, Calif.

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