Costasiella sp.

Image courtesy of Christiane Waldrich
Photo taken in front of Villa Markisa Dive Resort, Bali, Indonesia

Guest relaxing poolside at Villa Markisa

Costasiella sp.. (undescribed)

This new species of sacoglossid will be designated as Costasiella sp. 4 of eight undescribed Costasiella species included in the new "Nudibranchs and Sea Slugs - Indo-Pacific" to be released this fall.

Costaciella is a member of the family Limapontiidae (J. E. Gray, 1847). Members have long, simple rhinophores, which sometimes have a lateral groove at the base. The eyes are normally visible behind the rhinophores. The cerata are variable in shape from globular to slender, absent in some species, internally with branches of the digestive gland. Members of Costasiella are characterized by having their eyes very close together.

The body of this new species is white, with a black spot on the pericardium (above the heart). The head has two black lines extending anterior to the rhinophores, which are short and black. The cerata are elongate and yellow, each with a black central line and a white apex.

We only know this species from Indonesia. Our specimens measure up to 12mm in length and were found on the green algae Avrainvillea spp.

This is just one of many new species Christiane has discovered in Bali.

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Dave Behrens
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Feb., 2015
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