Stiliger aureomarginatus

Image courtesy of
Jim Black
Kalabahi Bay, Alor, Indonesia

Stiliger aureomarginatus Jensen, 1993

In this presentation, the "eyes" are definitely in the majority image wise. Jim Black always strives to focus on and illuminate the eye sockets of sea slugs! Why? It is a known human trait that the human eye will tend to seek out the eye of whatever animal it is seeking to reconile and then orient the image with this starting point. This axiom seems to hold up in other aspects of macro photography. If the eye (s) is not in focus, then you can bet the animal will probably be in "soft focus." The subject of this week's BOW Stiliger aureomarginatus is really a challenge in this regard, not only is the animal very small but it also lives on the underside a very unstable photographic platform that being Codium . Any currents or surges makes this guy super difficult to photograph in the manner Jim has captured it! Very well done Jim!

Stiliger aureomarginatus was first described from Western Australia and also seen in Japan, it is probably present in many areas of the Indo-Pacific if one takes the time to root through patches of codium . Bill Ruduman's Sea Slug Forum describes it in part as such

"...Animals are black or dark blusih-green with orange or yellow tips to the cerata and pedal lobes. Below the orange certal tips is a band of dense white dots with a light yellowish tinge..."

Thanks again, Jim!

Michael Miller
San Diego, Calif 92113
Oct., 2014
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Jim on location at Anilao, Philippines, May 2013

Jim Black is retired from US Airways after 27 years as a pilot..., flying Captain on an Airbus 330 Internationally.

Diving since 1970...with over 7000 dives logged. Shoots Nikon D-300 in Subal Housing with Ikelite strobes. Macro Mate on 105mm for supermacro.

Jim's photography has been featured in a number of books and publications including Helmut Debelius' Nudibranchs and Sea Snails of Gosliner, Behrens and Williams Coral Reef Animals of the Indo-Pacific. A photo of Jim petting a shark in "Sleeping Shark Caves" off Isla Mujeres Island, Mexico, taken by Amy Foster his significant other, recently appeared in Dave Behrens' Diving Guide to Cozumel, Cancun & The Riviera Maja.

Jim has been a solid supporter of the Slug Site since day one. His countless contributions put him near the top of the list of photographers who have greatly expanded our knowledge of sea slugs. There are a lot of kids in the formative stage of their education who are getting their first introduction to our sea slug friends via the great photographs Jim and other contributors have made to the site. My hat is off to Jim for making this presentation possible!

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From left to right, Terry Gosliner, Angel Valdes, Dave Behrens La Jolla, Calif.

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