Kaloplocamus sp.

Image courtesy of Jeffrey de Guzman
Est size 10 mm
Anilao, Batangas, Philippiness

Kaloplocamus sp. (Undescribed)

This little guy first came to my attention back in May 2010 when dive guide Alexis Principe pointed it out during a dive in the Anilao, Batangas region of the Philippines. I wouldn't exactly say its common in the Anilao area but it has been sighted on occasion. The most recent of which was by Jeffrey de Guzman who kind enough to send his pic our way. Keen eyed Ali Hermosillo was also fortunate to see what is thought to be an undescribed Kaloplocamus at the Pier in the Anilao area.

I was able to record video of Kaloplocamus sp. back in May 2010 that is marginal due to the difficulties videoing a subject in the 5-10mm range. The video is in 720p MPEG4 which the reader might find interesting (aside from all the scatter, etc). The video will be available for viewing until May 31st. of this year!

I would be interested in any sightings readers may have outside the Philippines region.

Michael Miller
San Diego, CA 92113
April, 2014
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Jeff Guzman on location

Based in the Philippines, photographer Jeff de Guzman's day job is an executive in the heavy-equipment industry. He took up scuba diving in 1986, but only began underwater photography in May 2006. Since then he,s accumulated a number of international awards and had images published countless magazines and marine-life ID books. Jeff,s greatest dream as an underwater photographer was realized when he was published in the 2011 December issue of National Geographic. Jeff attributes his success to the mentorship he received from Jim Black.

Jeff is presently using the Nikon D800e 36.3 Megapixel Camera.

Jeff's total equipment package consists of the Nikon D800e, Nikon 105mm VR macro, Reefnet +10 Subsee Diopter, Nauticam SMC Diopter, I-torch Carbonic II, Sea & Sea YS-250 (2).

To quote Jeff:

"... The Nikon D800e is perhaps the best underwater camera for still photography to date. In terms pixel density it has no rival, which translates to crystal clear and super sharp images. Combined with a Nikon 105mm VR macro lens and Reefnet +10 & +5 you are equipped to shoot all those tiny Nudibranchs. For the super microscopic Nudi the Nauticam SMC is a worthy addition to you camera bag ..."

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From left to right, Terry Gosliner, Angel Valdes, Dave Behrens La Jolla, Calif.

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