Tambja sp.

feeding on bryozoan
Image courtesy of Ali Hermosillo
Dive Site Kwato, Milne Bay, PNG
Nikon D2X

Tambja sp.

Tambja sp. Undescribed

Ali and husband Dave just returned from a six week sojourn to PNG where they photographed an unbelievable number of species including the subject of the BOW (Branch of the Week) presentation this week! Our Tambja sp. was at the head of the list for discussion. That is Ali reminded me that I had seen it before in Indonesia! By Golly, what a memory! She's right! Christiane Waldrich of Villa Markisa had pointed it out to me at Seraya Secrets, Seraya, Bali, Indonesia many years ago. My images were very poor so my attention waned with time until Ali's images came in last week!

The specimen I saw in Bali was very small in accordance with what Ali found! Well, another Tambja sp. to be added to the list Marta Pola in Spain is undoubtedly compiling on this genus.

The geographic locale of sightings includes at least Indonesia and PNG and certainly extends into other areas. Graham Abbott of Diving for Images reports that our Tambja sp. is pretty common in Raja Ampat, Rinca and Sangean Island, Indonesia.

For a comprehensive listing of what Ali and Dave saw on their last trip, please go to Ali's Flicker posting!

In closing, don't you think Ali's Tambja sp. makes a great XMAS 2013 BOW with all it's "lights" turned on! Come on and use your imagination. Santa and his reindeer have nothing on this guy!

Merry Xmas and a Happy New Year for 2014 from the staff at The Slug Site!

Michael Miller
Dec., 2013
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Ali Hermosillo

Ali Hermosillo probably needs no introduction to readers of this site. She is one of our more prolific contributors going back many years. She is also one of our most knowledgeable experts and is so keen on discovering all the secrets of our sea slug friends, that she went through all the trouble to acquire a Doctorate to set the stage for a lifetime learning process.

I highly recommend diving with her if you ever get the chance, but be aware that your interest and energy level must match hers or all you'll ever see is her wake below the water!

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