Tambja sp.

Image courtesy of John Greenamyer
Milne Bay, PNG
D5100 with 60mm macro lens in Ikelite housing, one D50 strobe
October 2012

Tambja sp.

Tambja sp. Undescribed

Doesn't this just blow your mind? Holly mackerel - another new Tambja. Where have these guys been hiding?

What a beauty - Gold body with blue spots. The crazy coloration kind of reminds me of Nembrotha rosannulata. Big spots with out-lines. Note the sensory gland on the side of the head, giving us the hint that it belongs to the genus Tambja.

I wish I had more information to share with you. Now we need to collect the critter and get specimen to Nudibranch Central, in San Francisco. Next time John - collect the darn thing.

For you video aficionados, John was kind enough to put together two clips for your enjoyment in Windows and Mac 720p formats.

Video taken with Sony HC-1 in a Bluefin housing with halogen lites.

Dave Behrens
Sammamish, WA 98074
Nov., 2012
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WEBMASTER'S NOTES: Just after we went to press, Dave received another image of our guy from Linda Ianniello taken in the Ambon area of Indonesia! With the gaudy coloration display, it's a wonder this Tambja hasn't been noted on a more regular basis? Just another one of Nature's yet to be explained mysteries!

John Greenamyer and friend somewhere in the Milne Bay region

John Greenamyer has been diving some thirty-one years with a macro u/w photography pursuit using both still photography and video. His favorite diving areas are PNG and Indonesia with an emphasis on PNG and muck diving. John has been a featured presenter on the Slug Site for some time. John was one of the first U/W photographers to capture images of a bizarre doto sp. which is just now being described by the folks at the California Academy of Sciences.

To quote John

"...On this particular trip on the Chertan out of Tawali resort , Dive guide Jacob brought the Tambja to our attention and everybody got very excited inlcuding our trip professional Ali Hermosillo who recognized immediately that it was special. We only found one of this species, but found many other Tambjas , at least one of which will be featured in an upcoming BOW according to the Webmaster..."

John keeps inviting me to participate in his PNG trips and I always seem to find an excuse not to go! Cost is big factor as PNG is now the focus of big companies like Exxon-Mobile who are looking for natural gas and oil deposits! With a find like this week's Tambja, I'm certain to run out of excuses not to go?

Michael Miller
San Diego, Calif 92113
Nov., 2012

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From left to right, Terry Gosliner, Angel Valdes, Dave Behrens La Jolla, Calif.

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