Goniodorid sp.

Image courtesy of Ali Hermosillo
Dive Site Manta, PNG
Nov. 2011
Nikon D2X with 60 lens in an Aquatica housing, 2 strobes, 2x macromate
Copyright 2011, Ali Hermosillo

Goniodorid sp. (undescribed)

New Goniodorid!

Ho, ho, ho ….. Look what Santa (Ali Hermosillo) brought in. What the heck is it?

Well, let's see - oblong body with a prominent notal ridge, elongate extrabranchial appendages, reduced gill branches, but slightly lamellate rhinophores. Could be a Goniodoris or a Goniodoridella?. Will depend on the internals.

Goniodorids usually get placed with phanerobranch dorids like the Polycerids, but examination of the radula and the presence of a buccal pump suggest that they are more closely related to the Onchidorids than the Polycerids. Interestingly both Onchidoris and Goniodorids are more closely related to cryptobranchs than to other phanerobranchs.

How about that? Ho, ho, ho……

I guess we will have to wait for the description to find out for sure what it is. Thanks Ali.

As a postscript, John Greenamyer of Running Springs, Calif who was also on the same trip as Ali was kind enough to share this video of our Goniodorid sp. feeding!

Dave Behrens
Gig Harbor, Washington
Jan., 2012
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Ali Hermosillo at the "office"

Ali Hermosillo certainly doesn't need much in the way of an introduction to readers of this site. In researching her many contributions to this site through the years in preparation for this BOW, I was absolutely amazed at the number and content! Ali has all the credentials for her passion in life, a Doctorate in Opistobranchs and an all consuming desire to see and photograph as many branchs as possible! I learned long ago that keeping up with her in the water was impossible, so through the years I have occupied the arm chair at the computer enjoying all her images! All I can say that if you ever plan on diving with her, bring plenty of vitamins and stay healthy! Our hats are off you Ali once again for your many contributions to our ever increasing but probably never ending reservoir of sea slug knowledge!

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From left to right, Terry Gosliner, Angle Valdes, Dave Behrens La Jolla, Calif.

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