Doto sp.

Photo courtesy of John Greenamyer

Kwato Channel, Samaria, Milne Bay, PNG
Nikon D5100 with 85mm micro lens in a Ikelite Housing, Ikelite Strobe
Copyright 2011 John Greenamyer

Doto sp. (undescribed) revisited

Awhile back Webmaster Mike presented a wonderful new Doto with the craziest shaped cerata. We referred to it as "honey dipper" Doto, and even included a photo of a wooden honey dipper. At that time we had no material to base its description on. I have since collected quite a few specimens in Bali.

So, over the years we have documented its geographic range to include Papua New Guinea, and now with John's latest photos we have new information of the variation in color this species displays.

John's latest animal seems to be basally grey, where previous specimens were white bodied. The concentric gold and dark grey rings on the cerata are still present, as is the gold line on the foot. The rhinophores seem lighter, and grey-blue in color.

I wish we had specimens of this new darker variation as internal examination and some genetic analysis would confirm whether it is the same as our earlier lighter form. A hint that the darker critter might be different is its existence on a different species of hydroid, than that previously observed in Papua New Guinea and Bali.

Why, you ask, didn't John collect it - "As he was photographing the critter, a fish ate it!", Webmaster Mike tells me. I hope John's flashes didn't alert the fish to the slug's presence.

A video of the "white" version taken in Bali by the Webmaster is available for those with further interest in this unusal Doto

Dave Behrens
Gig Harbor, Washington
Dec., 2011
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John Greenamyer , Manny, and Roger Steene relaxing at Tawali Resort, PNG

John Greenamyer probably doesn't need an introduction to regular visitor's to the site. For those not acquainted with John, they need only scroll down the video page to see the many contributions John has made to the Site over the years. When I decided to take up macro video back in 2006, John and Alan Grant were my mentors in this daunting quest to capture sea slug behavior in video. This has proven to be an awesome challenge, but John and Alan have always been there to offer guidance and most of all inspiration in viewing their work. In fact, I have a mailer full of tapes sitting on my desk from John to look at from his recent twenty-five day diving trip aboard the Chertan out of Tawali Resort, PNG! I can't wat to see what John has in store for me from this trip! If the "black" doto is any indication of what I will be seeing, you can be I will be reviewing his tapes first chance I get!

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Michael Miller
San Diego, Calif
Dec., 2011

From left to right, Terry Gosliner, Angle Valdes, Dave Behrens La Jolla, Calif.

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