Galeojanolus sp.

Image courtesy of Ali Hermosillo
Samari, Milne Bay, PNG
Nikon D2X, Aquatica housing with a 60mm lens
Copyright 2011, Ali Hermosillo

Galeojanolus sp. (undescribed)

This is a very unusual species. We found it crawling on a piling of a pier at night. I had to do a double take and for a while I could not even place this critter on a particular group because it looks so strange. What I knew for sure is that this was the find of the trip, none of the divers and photographers had ever seen it before, and quite frankly we were very surprised to find it on two different books. To my knowledge, this species has only been seen a handful of times, reported from Madang and Milne Bay, Papua New Guinea.

It has very characteristic inflated cerata, in the shape of clubs. Transparent orange with an opaque orange and white pattern at the tip. A row of these cerata are positioned anterior to the rhinophores (as is also observed on all species of Janolus). The rhinophores are lamellated and the same color of the rest of the body, the eyespots can be observed at the base.

John Greenamyer, also on the trip, was able to get video of this amazing find!

Ali Hermosillo
May, 2011

Webmaster, Ali, and Leeanne Vanderkoi (forefront)
Night Dive, Komodos
Oct. 2007
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