Halgerda johnsonorum

Photo's courtesy of Jean-Francois Herve
New Caledonia
Copyright 2010

Halgerda johnsonorum Carlson & Hoff, 2000

One of over 370 species presented in Jean-Francois Herve's new Guide des Nudibranches de Nouvelle-Caledonie et autres Opisthobranchs , this gorgeous species was described only 11 years ago by Clay Carlson and Patty Jo Hoff. The name "johnsonorum" was chosen to recognize good friends Scott and Jeanette Johnson, the "orum" ending denoting a double patronym.

Superficially, the species can be mixed up with Halgerda willeyi and H. okinawa . In H. johnsonorum the dorsal tubercles are very low, the ridges have a yellow line and narrow black lines occur in the inter-ridge depression.

Specimens may reach 40 mm in length. It is know only from The Marshall Islands and New Caledonia.

Dave Behrens
Gig Harbor, Washington
Jan., 2011

Guide des Nudibranches de Nouvelle-Caledonie et autres Opisthobranchs
2010 by Jean-Francois Herve

Guide des Nudibranches de Nouvelle-Caledonie et autres Opisthobranchs 2010 by Jean-Francois Herve A must have for the dedicated Brancher. Although written in French, this collection of the species of sea slugs from the tropical waters of New Caledonia is a real treat.

The photography is spectacular. 404 pages - over 1000 photos - 370 species Available from Sea Challengers - www.seachallengers.com or send Dave email at DavidWBehrens@gmail.com
$69.00, plus shipping.

Jean-Francois Herve

Jean-Francois Herve is an ENT (ears, nose, and throat) surgeon in New Caledonia having practiced there some 10 years. Jean discovered opisthobranchs during his first dive there. Six years ago Jean and a friend decided with a friend to write a book about Nudibranchs which are quite abundant in the New Caledonian Lagoon. Jean finds it exciting to follow in the footsteps of Jean Risbec (who by the way was a New Caledonian citizen) and support the World Heritage section of UNESCO in his study of nudibranchs.

Jean is fortunate to have a a lot of friends who are fellow divers who like Jean are addicted to finding and photographing Opisthobranchs. Their species list at the present time is around 370! For identifications, Jean is assisted by Richard Willan, Nathalie Yonow and David Behrens . In the past several months, Jean and friends have found 10 new species for their list and are always on the lookout for more new resident Opisthobranchs in the New Caledonian Lagoon!

Send Jean-Francois Herve email at jfherve@free.fr

From left to right, Terry Gosliner, Angel Valdes, Dave Behrens La Jolla, Calif.

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