Marionia sp.

Photo courtesy of Shaun Tierney/
Aiduma Island, West Papua, Indonesia
Nikon D200 in a Sea and Sea housing with Sea & Sea YS90 duo strobes on manual settings at half power.
The image was taken with a AF Micro Nikkor 60mm lens set at f32, 1/125 sec
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Marionia sp. undescribed (who really knows)

These darn (aka - d_mn) tuberculate Marionia's drive me crazy. In the new Reef Creature Indentification Guide (below), the species above is called Marionia rubra. But it doesn't look anything like the original description of M. rubra (see Bill Rudman's Sea Slug Forum ). And, It looks nothing like the critter presented on page 337 of our book, as M. rubra. Even though I must admit, ours doesn't follow the original description either. Do you see why these guys frustrate me?

Knowing how variable these animals are it is hard to even muster an argument one way or the other. If the geographic ranges weren't so separated it would be a slam dunk. Terry, Angel and I show 4 or 5 different animals in Indo-Pacific Nudibranchs and Sea Slugs. M. rubra is described from the Red Sea and has a series of unseparated gill tufts along the margin of the dorsum. These gill tufts are light colored in the description, while ours here are dark red. M. rubra's notal tubercules are larger, denser and outlined in white, unlike our critter here.

My guess is that the animal shown in Paul and Ned's book (page 362 middle left) is the same as ours here. Their photo - middle right - who knows. Certainly, definitely, not M. rubra.

So, without another opinion, I guess my call (as Mike Miller suggests) is that our critter here (and Paul & Ned's) is undescribed. Ho hummmmmm. Another one. Its occurrence in West Papua certainly suggests this.

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Dave Behrens
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Dec., 2010

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We'd like to thank Annabel Thomas of AquaMarine Diving - Bali for helping get this lovely nudi across to Mike Miller for ID. Annabel has been know to spot the odd fabulous nudibranch herself when you can drag her away from the office. As Mike says "Annabel's operation, in my estimation, is the best on Bali." No argument from us on that one.

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From left to right, Terry Gosliner, Angle Valdes, Dave Behrens La Jolla, Calif.

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