Haminoeid sp.2

Photo was taken at Seraya Secrets, Villa Markisa, Bali, Indonesia
Size: less then 3 mm
Photo courtesy of Kevin Lee
Copyright 2010

Haminoeid sp.2 (undescribed)

Another undescribed species covered in Indo-Pacific Nudibranchs and Sea Slugs. Because so little is known about the anatomy of these tiny opisthobranchs, we have decided to call them, simply Haminoeid species (for the family Haminoeidae), rather than just toss them into a genus for the sake of a name. I like to refer to these guys as our little head-shield mice, because of their very long tail. Kevin's photo here really shows the dramatic coloration of this species. The brown floral pattern is highly characteristic of this species, which has been found in Papua New Guinea, Indonesia, the Philippines, Hawaii and Guam. Incidentally, its tail is 2-3 times longer than any of the other undescribed species. Note also the elobrate folding head shield. Once again tiny, less than 3 mm. Likely feeds on cyanobacteria.

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Dave Behrens
Gig Harbor, Washington
Sept.., 2010

Kevin Lee, Dave Behrens, and Christiane Waldrich relaxing after a hard day of slug hunting at Villa Markisa!

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