Colpodaspis sp.

Photo was taken at Seraya Secrets, Villa Markisa, Bali, Indonesia
Size: 2 mm
Photo courtesy of Kevin Lee
Copyright 2010

Colpodaspis sp. (undescribed)

The family Diaphanidea contains a number of misfit sea slugs that lack gizzard plates in the gut. This "garbage can" group contains the genus Colpodaspis . In Indo-Pacific Nudibranchs and Sea Slugs, we were have included one described and one undescribed species. Kevins shot here, is one we've never seen. A branch new find and one of about 50 new species discovered during last months Nudibranch Workshops held at the Villa Markisa Dive Resort in Tulamben, Bali, Indonesia.

Only about 2 mm in length, this distinctive animal has a characteristic yellow head with black tips on its broad head tentacles. It takes keen eyes (Thanks Christiane ) to find little guys like this.

Dave Behrens
Gig Harbor, Washington
Aug., 2010

Kevin Lee, Dave Behrens, and Christiane Waldrich relaxing after a hard day of slug hunting at Villa Markisa!

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