Ceratophyllidia sp.

Photographed by Mike Miller
Steps Dive Site, Anilao, Philippines
Frame grab from Sony HC-3 HD Camcorder
May. 2009

Ceratophyllidia sp. Undescribed

Continuing with the theme of last week's BOW and the "ten" most wanted list, there was an entry which I never expected to see in this lifetime. That was Ceratophyllidia (Bill Rudman's Sea Slug Forum) in any shape or form! Notice the use of the past tense because I was fortunate to come across a specimen during the early stages of a dive at the Steps in the Bethlehem area of Anilao, Philippines in May of this year. Certainly was a great way to wrap up the trip! This particular Ceratophyllidia is seen in Indo-Pacific Nudibranchs and Sea Slugs as Ceratophyllidia sp. 3 on page 302. The geographical range at time of publication was said to be tropical Japan. Well, finding it in the Philippines certainly represents a signicant range extension!

For those of you who enjoy videos (even of lowly sea slugs), here is a link to file in (*.FLV) format. About 5 megs!

Ceratophyllidia sp.

According to Bill Rudman's Sea Slug Forum

"... Ceratophyllidia , despite the large 'cerata-like' tubercles on its back, is a phyllidiid nudibranch, closely related to Phyllidia , Reticulidia, Phyllidiella and related genera..."

What a strange beast indeed!

Mike Miller
San Diego, Calif
July, 2009

Club Ocellaris, Anilao, Philippines, May 2009

From Left to right: Lugi Bernas, Luli Bernas, Sandra Millen, Clay Carlson, Jerry Allen, Terry Gosliner, Mike Bartick, and Mike Miller kneeling!

Not Pictured: Rie Nakano and Makiko Yorifuji from Japan
Jeff Rosenfeld from Seattle, Washington
not pictured but an indispensable part of our team, the dive guides, who I consider to be the best in the Philippines in locating branchs!

Mark Castillo
Peri Paleracio
Alexis Principe

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