Trapania darvelli

Photo courtesy of Jeffrey de Guzman
Location: Anilao,Batangas, Philippines
Dive Guide Alexis Principe

Trapania darvelli, Rudman, 1987

Well, Jeffrey just has a knack for shooting the tiny ones. Here he caught a juvenile Trapania darvelli . Like other developing juvenile slugs the body is still quite short and stout, with what seem like exaggerated rhinophores. Slugs like to grow into their bodies. Once grown it will measure up to about 13 mm, and be far more slender than it is now.

On Jeff’s shot of this little slug person we can clearly see the eye spot and the detail of the perfoliate rhinophores. Wow. The brown tips on all appendages, decorate the white body, and make it easy to ID.

Although I do not see any in Jeff’s photo, this species likely feeds on entoprocts, that are commensal on sponges

This species has been recorded from Vanuatu, Solomon Islands, Malaysia, Hong Kong and now the Philippines.

Dave Behrens
Gig Harbor, Washington
Jan., 2009

WEBMASTER'S NOTES : Another great photo by Jeffrey, but then what else might one expect when you put together one of the great slug photographers in the PI with one of the two best slug guides in the PI (Peri and Alexis), the above image is the splendid result!

Michael Miller
San Diego, Calif
Jan., 2009

Jeffrey de Guzman on location

Jeffrey de Guzman is a 38-year old technical diver. He was certified as a NAUI open water diver in 1986. In May 2006, Jeffrey made his first venture into u/w photography with a Canon S80 compact camera. He has since upgraded to a Canon 400d, DSLR. Examples of his work have appeared in major publications, such as Australasia Scuba Diver Magazine, the Padi Project Aware Website, Padi Newsletters, Neville Coleman's Nudibranch Encyclopedia, Metro Active Magazine, Newsweek, the National Geographic Daily Dozen and three Canon Photo of the Month. Recently Jeffrey was chosen as the Featured Photographer at for the month of February 2008, and as the Inon Featured Photographer for July 2008. Recently, Jeffrey upgraded to a Nikon D300 with 105mm macro w/ VR. He looks forward to housing it in the near future.

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From left to right, Terry Gosliner, Angel Valdes, Dave Behrens La Jolla, Calif.

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