Chromodoris kitae

Photo courtesy of Terry Gosliner

Chromodoris kitae Gosliner, 1994

This little beauty is one of over 350 species of Chromodorids presented in the soon to be released Indo-Pacific Nudibranchs and Sea Slugs . Senior author, Terry, named this species for his friend and colleague Katherine (Kit) Stewart.

The body color is a translucent white, with dark purple spots scattered over the mantle and along the mantle margin. Within the marginal spots are concentrations of reflective yellow or orange-yellow granules. Gill and rhinophores covered with white specks.

Not much is known about the natural history of the species, but the best place to find it is under small stones and coral rubble in 1-3 m of water.

A small Chromodoris , only about 18 mm in length, it is currently known only from Madagascar and South Africa.

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