Baeolidia sp.

Photo courtesy of Graham Abbott
Manto Point, Batangas, Philippines
April 2008

Baeolidia sp. (undescribed)

Ever sit back and fantasize about what you would like to see on an upcoming dive trip?? I do it all the time! After the checklist is complete for diving and camera gear, I start looking at the creatures to see list! Let me tell you folks, the list was really pared down as the result of April's trip to the Batangas region of the Philippines. One guy I especially wanted to see was the mysterious "Neon" nudibranch! This branch has been the subject of two preceding BOW's ( BOW486 and BOW 578 ). Sightings have also been made in the Lembeh Straits and the Marshall Islands . The genus placement in Baeolidia is speculative at this point but will be established when the taxonomy is performed.

Anyhow, let's get back tot he story! On a night dive to Manto point, a short boat ride from the dive resort we were staying at, I tried to stay close to Graham in recognition of creature finding abilities. Unfortunately we parted when Abbott went deep. At the conclusion of the dive Abbott found our BOW subject in about 30 ft. of water. The specimen was fairly good sized at about 30mm! How did I ever miss this guy when I was prowling the same area?? Back luck in that sense but good luck in that Abbott brought it in for all of us to photograph the next morning!

Enjoy also a short video taken by the Webmaster of this mysterious branch . You will need a flash file player to see it.

Graham, and Stan Waterman talking cameras between dives

Graham Abbott is a full time dive guide and cruise director with his own business in Bali, Indonesia. Diving 4 Images . The mainstay of Graham’s business is leading photographic, scientific and survey expeditions throughout the Asia Pacific. Graham has led many of the world’s leading underwater photo journalists, film makers and marine experts though still in his spare time he can be found diving round Bali and other great critter spots in search of new, rare and unusual species!

Grahams passion for sea slugs came at a real early stage in his diving career. Whilst on Sipadan island in 1997 and constantly seeing plenty of sharks, turtles and pelagic fishes Graham wondered what else was down there and with his first dive buddy he came no notice the smaller and more interesting marine critters. Later on Graham found himself on the wrong island whist trying to get to Wakatobi Dive Resort in search of work… Graham ended up on Hoga island homebase of Operation Wallacea and immediately started to help with nudibranch studies and benthic training for students who were logging data on nudibranchs in this island group! Graham also has his own nudibranch page .

Camera used: As a professional dive guide Graham doesn’t believe in taking a big camera with him. He uses an old Sony T1 & the newer Sony T20, using no external flashes or additional tools other than Photoshop for quick edits!

Our group really had good fortune to have Graham along! You may want to consider looking him up on your next trip to Bali!

Mike Miller
San Diego, Calif
April, 2008

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