Euselenops luniceps

Photo courtesy of Dr. Marc Chamberlain

Euselenops luniceps (Cuvier, 1817)

Marc must have a special relationship with Euselenops luniceps (Bill Rudman's Sea Slug Forum) as this is his second posting of the E. luniceps , the first being back in 2002 as the Branch of the Week (BOW). Actually I am quite envious of the many encounters Marc has had with this particular branch given I have never seen it in many years of Indo-Pacific travel. Luck of the draw as the ol' saying goes! But beyond being fortunate to find this guy, the ability to capture the essence of the animal sets Marc apart from the norm in under water photography! The sensory papillae detail is astounding! Extreme macro photography just keeps getting better and better!

Michael Miller
San Diego, California
March 2008

Marc with friend on location in Africa

Marc Chamberlain is by vocation a neurologist/oncologist and by avocation a wildlife photographer. He and his wife Michelle enjoy traveling during which he is always toting cameras. His diving holidays have been to the Caribbean, up and down the west coast of the Americas and throughout the Indo-Pacific. His photographs have appeared in numerous magazines including: National Geographic; International and National Wildlife; Ocean Realm; Outside; and various Cousteau Society publications. Marc has collaborated on several books including Nudibranchs of the Pacific Coast and IndoPacific Coral Reef Animals.

Marc and his wife Michelle now live in Seattle, Washington and spend weekends exploring the underwater wilderness of the Pacific Northwest. Marc has been very generous in his contribution of images to the Slug Site through the years.

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WEBMASTER'S NOTES: Marc will always make the extra effort to get that picture of a lifetime. That's probably why he had almost a virtual monopoly on PHOTOGRAPHER OF THE YEAR during the years he was a member of the San Diego Photographic Society (SDUPS)!

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