Cerberilla incola

Photo courtesy of Ali Hermosillo
Bali, Indonesia
Nikon 995 with Inon Strobe
Oct. 2007

Cerberilla incola Burn, 1974

It was a spur of the moment dive one night last October on a dive trip to Bali with Ali Hermosillo that our divemaster suggested a beach front dive in front of his village in the Amed area. We had nothing else on the agenda so decided why not! After all we were in Bali, the magic island of underwater photography! As it turns out, the subject matter was so prolific I was able to put together a video show based on just two night dives to this spot! Anyhow, after dropping down we were greeted by what seemed be hundreds of "shaggy" Cerberilla going about on the sand looking for food! It seemed they spent a good deal of their hunting time burrowing into the sand, so you had to be quick if you wanted to get the surface sand shot! My first reaction was one of disbelief at the numbers seen! Then I recalled Ali mentioning the same kind of animal on a night dive in the Komodos area (which I missed). Ah, I thought, the nudibranch gods must be smiling on us to afford another opportunity!

Ali was able to shoot digital stills, one of which included what we believe to be Cerberilla incola with egg mass . The tentative identification was made on the two longitudinal brown lines on the cerata (Bill Rudman's Seaslug Forum ). This distinction can be seen a little better in a HD flash video I took in conjunction with Ali's stills.

For all you slug hunters, Bali is definitely a trip you want to put on your dive schedule of places to visit!

Until next week when Dave Behrens will be telling us about an upcoming nudibranch course in the Lembeh Straits this June!

Michael Miller
San Diego, Calif
Feb., 2008

Ali, and Leeanne Vanderkoi (background) taking a break somewhere in the Komodos
Oct. 2007

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