Cerberilla sp.

Photo courtesy of Francis and Pirjo Pellet
Lembeh Strait,Indonesia
Oct. 2007

Cerberilla sp. (undescribed)

Cerberilla is one of my favorite branchs, they are always great to encounter on night dives when they are out foraging for food. Unlike some of their cousins, these guys really move along at times on the sand until they go into their characteristic burrowing behavior. This behavior is featured in the video this week also taken in Indonesia. The dramatic picture above taken by Francis had to be previewed as a Branch of the Week (BOW). But as is the case with many branchs out of the Lembeh area, an identity could not be established with absolute certainty. So, you say what else is new in this business! The Lembeh Straits seems to be a bottomless pit in terms of marine biodiversity! The Webmaster is open to all suggestions for those who may have insights on the identity of this guy!

Lembeh Straits is their favorite destination having dived there beginning in 2003. Francis and Pirjo report new species still appear on every dive. During this trip in October 2007 they found almost 150 different species in two weeks of diving in the Lembeh area.

Good show Francis and Pirjo Pellet.

Michael Miller
San Diego, Calif
Jan., 2008

Francis and Pirjo Pellet in laboratory, Cerbere, July, 2005

Francis and Pirjo Pellet are repeat Slug Site presenters who live in Les Vans in the Rhone Valley, France. I met Francis and Pirjo at the July, 2005 Opisthobranch Course held at Cerbere, France then hosted by Robert Oms .

I believe at this time it was their third time in attending the course so that gives you an idea how enthusiastic they are about branching! Their enthusiasm and expertise has evolved to the point that they are now hosting the annual Sea Slug Course held in Cerbere, Southern France since 1993. Pirjo Pellet will supervise the course for the second time. She will be assisted by Francis Pellet, who will make a CD with pictures of all the species collected during the week. Gerard Breton ( former director of the Museum d’Histoire Naturelle du Havre ) will also be part of the team. The dates for the course this year is ( 30 June – 5 July 2008 ).

For those slug enthusiasts in the States, you are going to take a heavy hit on the devalued US dollar vs. the Euro but in terms of attending the Cerbere Course and seeing new species, I think it will be well worth the time and expense. Throw in a the experience of riding on a French High Speed train and sampling French cusine-what more could you ask for???? Pirjo speaks very good English so communication generally won't be a problem although the afternoon laboratory sessions will probably be in French.

For more information on the course, send Pirjo email at pirjo.pellet@free.fr

San Diego, Calif
Jan. 2008

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