Dendronotus sp.

Photo courtesy of Jim Black and Nuswanto Lobbu (finder)
Dive Site Jigo Yance in Lembeh Strait, Indonesia
Apr., 2007
RS System with 50 mm macro and super macro adapter

Dendronotus sp., undescribed

This week's BOW is again the result of veteran world traveler and underwater photographer Jim Black sending in a series of images from a recent Lembeh trip that prompted hitting the books to see if a name tag came up!

This week's taxon discussion is going to be short because there is none. Jim's subject has been tentatively placed in the Dendronotus genus without a name.

This is the second undescribed Indo-Pacific Dendronotus that has been brought to my attention and I am sure there are a lot more waiting to be found. The Lembeh Strait area of Indonesia sure seems to be a bottomless bit of marine Opisthobranch bio diversity!

Sound like a good reason for another dive trip? You bet! Would love to find this guy and take some High Definiton Video!

Michael Miller
San Diego, Calif
August, 2007

Nuswanto Lobbu at resort

Nuswanto Lobbu is the current resort manager at Kasawari-Lembeh Resort . He and his wife Lainie have 3 boys with the latest edition just born this past June. He was trained by the late Larry Smith years ago...and what a prodigy...a special individual. With keen eyes and intellect, Nus quickly learned early on about the critters, their habitats, and how to achieve the shots that photographers so desperately want. It was a pleasure to watch his growth during my frequent visits. He is carrying on Larry's tradition having trained a large cadre of the working divemasters in Lembeh and other locales. In this regard, his efforts and leadership will keep Lembeh Strait a world class dive destination for years to come. Nus is also responsible for an incredible number of great biological finds in Lembeh Strait, such as this current Dendronotis sp. nudibranch, but rarely gets the deserved credit. I know my photography portfolio would be a good bit short without his assistance.

With the owners, he has worked hard to place Kasawari-Lembeh Resort as the premier operation in Lembeh Strait now. You will be well cared for and shown the best Lembeh has to offer while in his charge.

I am proud to call this fine man my friend.

Jim Black, Aug. 2007

Puerto Vallarta, Mexico
March 2005

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