Doriprismatica balut

Image courtesy of John Greenamyer
Milne Bay, PNG
Freeze Frame from Video circa 2008

Doriprismatica balut Matsunda & Gosliner, 2018

One of several new Doriprismatica species described by these two researchers, the trivial name, balut, is named for the Philippine food, which is a boiled duck egg that contains a developed embryo to represent the presumed direct development of the species based on its large egg size.

Its coloration is variable as noted in NSSI 2nd edition, page 169. The marginal bands are a successive white, black, white. The rhinophores are the same color as the body with a thin black line of the posterior face.

This species is known from the Philippines and Indonesia and feeds on the sponges Candidaspongia and Phyllospongia.

Dave Behrens
New Braunfels, TX
Apr. 2024
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Linda Blanchard, John Greenamyer , and Kevin Lee
Recognition Ceremony Doto Greenamyeri
Orange County Underwater Photographic Society monthly meeting
July 14th, 2015

John Greenamyer has been diving some thirty years with a macro u/w photography pursuit using both still photography and video. His favorite diving areas are PNG and Indonesia with an emphasis on PNG, especially the Milne Bay region so popularized for its "muck" photographic opportunities. On many of these trips, he was in the company of Roger Steene, Neville Coleman and Ali Hermosillo on the CHERTAN!

John has been kind of a mentor to me when it comes to super macro sea slug videos! John is also a great supporter of the site and I look forward to diving with him again in the future!

Congratulations John, your naming is an honor richly deserved!

Michael Miller
San Diego, Calif
Jan, 2015

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From left to right, Terry Gosliner, Angel Valdes, Dave Behrens La Jolla, Calif.

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