Cratena sp. 4

Image courtesy of Michael Miller (Webmaster)
Screen Grab from Video
Seraya Slopes, Bali, Indonesia

Cratena sp. 4 in NSSI 2nd Ed, page 326

Look at this cutie. Wow. Such a delicate looking critter.

The body is translucent tan completely covered with delicate, irregular opaque white lines. The oral tentacles are bluish-white as are the tips of the smooth rhinophores. The first row of cerata is arranged in an arch. The cerata are ochre with white tips.

It is somewhat similar to the darker colored Cratena lineata but lacks the two red cheek patches on the side of the head.

We don't know very much at all about this species as it has only been documented a few times from Indonesia.

Dave Behrens
New Braunfels, TX
Feb., 2024
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