Goniobranchus sp. 42 (in NSSI 2nd Ed.)

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Screen Grab from 2017 Video
Anilao, Batangas, Philippines
Image courtesy of David Cowdery
Anilao, Philippines 2017

Elysia sp. (Undescribed)

Goniobranchus is distinguished from other Chromodorids internally by having unique mantle glands that secrete acid for defense and its egg masses which are attached to the substrate on edge.

NSSI 2nd Edition contains 48 undescribed species of Goniobranchus. Close examination and genetic characterization will likely reduce this number dramatically. This species is dark pink a red, then yellow, then opaque white marginal bands. The rhinophores are faint orange with opaque white spots. The gill is similarly colored.

It has been observed in the Western and central Pacific Oceans, where it reaches 10mm in length and feeds on sponges in 10-15 meters of water.

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