Verconia cf. laboutei

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Anilao, Batangas, Philippines

Verconia cf. laboutei (Rudman 1986)

Members of the genus Verconia are relatively small and have a distinctive radula with an inner lateral tooth that is much wider than the other teeth. This doesn't mean that we want you dissecting specimens to make this ID.

This species is yellowish green with red to purple rhinophores and gill. It is similar to Verconia laboutei which was described from New Caledonia. We have given it a "cf." here as we are uncertain whether the New Caledonia specimens have the white reticulations on the mantle seen in Mike's specimen, here. These reticulations are interesting and found on several Verconia species.

This species feeds on sponges with striations which closing match the white reticulations. Found throughout the Western Pacific Ocean.

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Nov., 2023
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