Thecacera sp. 11

Image courtesy of Michael Miller
Villa Markisa Dive Resort, Tulamben, Bali, Indonesia
Freeze Frame from Video
Thecacera sp. 11 (Undescribed in NSSI 2nd Ed)

This is the Darth Vader of the genus Thecacera. It is the only all black (to deep maroon purple) member of the genus. The only coloration are the yellow rings with white apices at the tips of extrabranchial and extra rhinophoral appendages, as well as the rhinophores.

In webmaster Mike's photo we see it feeding on its favorite arborescent bryozoan, on a sandy bottom. It is a fairly large species reaching 40mm in length. Geographical sightings include Indonesia and the Philippines.

I wonder if those yellow tips function as light swords?

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May, 2023
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