Miamira sinuata

Image courtesy of Jerry Allen
Anilao, Batangas, Philippines

Image courtesy of Gorden Tillen
GT Point,Bacong, Negros Oriental, Philippines

Miamira sinuata(van Hasselt, 1824))

Like most of the species in the Ceratosoma - Miamira genera, this is a highly variable species as noted by the photos presented here.

The body is greyish to greenish with yellow, white and blue spots. The gill and rhinophores are green with white specks. The body is covered with low tubercles. These tubercles contain concentrations of defensive mantel glands.

This is a sponge feeding species which feeds on Dysidea, and curiously sometimes together with the cephalaspideans, Sagaminopteron ornatum and S. nigropunctatum, in 5-30 meters of water throughout the Indo-Pacific.

Dave Behrens
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Mar., 2023
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