Mexichromis mariei

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Seraya Slopes, Bali, Indonesia
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Mexichromis mariei (Crosse, 1872)

This is one of the most variably colored species of dorid nudibranchs in the Indo Pacific. Originally described long ago it has been called many other species due to its wide range of color, see page 161 in Nudibranchs and Sea Slugs Identification, 2nd edition.
The dorsum is usually white (as seen at left), but may be pink or lavender, as seen here. The one consistent characteristic is the orange submarginal band, that is always there. Specimens have varying numbers, from few to many dorsal tubercles which are reddish-purple in color.
This species is common throughout the Indian and western Pacific Oceans, and feeds on the encrusting sponge, Dysidea sp.

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