Tambja sp. 6

Image courtesy of Mary Jane Adams
PNG, 2004 Cruise on the Telita

Image courtesy of Mary Jane Adams

Tambja sp. 6 (Undescribed)

As the number of undescribed Tambja has grown, we have had to change it's designation in subsequent editions of Nudibranch and Sea Slug Identification: Indo-Pacific. We first referred to this species as Tambja sp. 3 . Mary Jane's photos here demonstrate the variation in the species' coloration.

This species is similar to Tambja affinis (Courtesy of Bill Rudman;s Sea Slug Forum), except that is has fewer longitudinal lines and has large green spots between the lines. The line denoting the edge of the dorsum is bright orange, also. This species can have yellow tinting at the tips of the gill, in the large specimen.

Still considered quite rare, found only in Vanuatu and Papua New Guinea, we know very little about its biology.

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