Otinodoris cf sp. 3

Images courtesy of Michael Miller (Webmaster)
April 1993
Anilao, Philippines

Photo courtesy by Michael Miller
Otinodoris cf sp. 3

You really have to keep your eyes open to find this ugly duckling. Hard to tell whether it is a lump of muck or actually a dorid nudibranch. It really takes the eyes of a Terry Gosliner to see this bugger.

The dorsum is covered with irregular knobby tubercles and pits with a few white patches. As you can see in Mike's photos here you can barely see the rhinophores and gill.

Nothing is known about its ecology due to its cryptic appearance and nocturnal behavior. So far it is known only from the Philippines.

Webmaster's Notes:

Before digital there was film and how I remember those days! Pics were taken with a Nikon FM 2 in a Tussey T-300 housing and one Ikelite strobe. Later digitized with a Nikon 35 mm film scanner. Film was probably Velvia 50, a really nice film that virtually displaced the use of Kodachrome K-24/K-64 film by most U/w photographers! The Nikon FM 2 at that time had the fastest mechanical shutter speed (150/sec)on the market! You have to remember in context that the U/W photographers at that time had a limited number of film frames (36) to record their subjects. Quite a different photographic world under the water back then! What more can be said?

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From left to right, Terry Gosliner, Angel Valdes, Dave Behrens La Jolla, Calif.

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