Tambja haidari

Images courtesy of Marina-PODDUBETSKAIA-OSSOKINE
June 2005
Dakar, Senegal

Photo by Marina-PODDUBETSKAIA-OSSOKINE, June 2005.
Tambja haidari Pola, Cervera and Gosliner 2006

Tambja haidari is only known from the type locality in Senegal, a country in west Africa. It is the first species of the genus described from Senegal. This species has dark blue ground color with yellow bands and sky-blue spots, which become real tubercles along the tail. The internal features are typical of species of the genus, with rachidian teeth that lack denticles and with a prostate slightly differentiated from the rest of the vas deferens.

A species from the eastern Pacific, which shares some features with T. haidari, is T. eliora (Marcus & Marcus, 1967). Tambja eliora also has the same head morphology. The color pattern of T. eliora slightly resembles T. haidari and T. ceutae, but it lacks tubercles on the body. The lateral teeth also have simple inner cusps.

Marta Pola and company named the species after Mr. Haidar El Ali, a fervent ecologist who is making a significant contribution to the Senegalese environment.


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