Madrella amphora
Image courtesy of Jim Anderson
Samarai, China Straits, Milne Bay Province, Papua New Guinea
Approx size :25 mm
Depth:8 meters
Date: 8 December, 2015

Madrella amphora Pola and Gosliner 2019

This species is a member of the family Madrellidae, a small family closely related to the Proctonotidae but its members have an oral veil. Species of this group feed on bryozoans. The body of Madrella amphora is transparent brownish. It's cerata are shaped like bottles or bowling pins, with a network of opaque white pigment. The species is known only from Papua New Guinea and is found under coral rubble in 7 m, on barrier reefs.


Marta Pola, Joshua M. Hallas, Terrence M. Gosliner. 2019. Welcome back Janolidae and Antiopella: Improving the understanding of Janolidae and Madrellidae (Cladobranchia, Heterobranchia) with description of four new species. Journ. of Zool. Sys. and Evol. Research. 57 (2): 345-368.

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