The Current status of Northeastern Pacific Dendronotids, from Jan Kocian.

From Left to right: Hans Bertsch, Mike Miller,Dave Behrens, and Jan Kocian researching Aldisa tara
Image courtesy of Jan Kocian

WEBMASTER'S NOTES : As most of you know, Jan has been a prolific contributor to the Slug Site! Jan combines his skills as an underwater photographer/naturalist with cartoon artistry that is unmatched in my humble opinion. Jan is the prototype of the "citizen scientist", a moniker many of us aspire to but few have achieved! Jan is a very keen observer of life in the waters around Whidbey Island, Washington. Rainy weather and cold water are his constant companions in his quest to unravel the many mysteries of his ocean realm!

Our hats are truly off to you Jan in recognition of your many contributions to better understand nature as we know it in the many communities that abound in its water world!

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