Aphelodoris sp.
Image courtesy of Jim Anderson
Milne Bay, PNG

Aphelodoris sp. (Undescribed)

I saw my first example of this large, up to 60 mm long, dorid early on my 1st visit in 2015 and was surprised that such a large, relatively common species has not been described or illustrated elsewhere. These animals have been seen at several locations to the south west of Milne Bay in April, November and December in 2015/17/18/19. Occasionally found sheltering under lumps of broken coral they are also found wandering on a variety of substrates. Only once have we seen it in the proximity of spawn, so who knows. It has been found between 5 - 18 metres.

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Jim Anderson
Linlithgow, Scotland
Apr. 2022
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Jim Anderson

WEBMASTER'S NOTES: Jim's Milne Bay offering certainly belongs in your library of nudibranch ID compendia! The photography is spectacular with the added bonus of updated taxonomic placements!

An architect who retired from practice in 2011, Jim Anderson is fascinated by the incredibly colourful world that lies just a short distance from the shore around the coast of his home in Scotland. He learned to dive there and very quickly discovered the diversity and extravagance of life that the grey sea does well to disguise. Photography started as a means of recording these sights - to try in some way to let others into this wonderful new world that was opening up.

He commenced diving in 1987 and has recorded over 5000 dives, over 2400 around Scotland, mostly with a camera in hand and has developed special skills in capturing images that have been widely published in national diving publications and identification guides. He is the proprietor of nudibranch.org the portal to his extensive nudibranch and other web sites covering his home country and the destinations he has visited in the Philippines, Indonesia, Maldives, Red Sea, Kenya, Ireland and in the Caribbean. He is a 1st Class Examiner with the Scottish Sub Aqua Club and delivers Nudibranch Identification courses on behalf of the UK Marine Conservation Society." Jim also has several e-book identification guides available at a very reasonable price! Check it out!

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