Dermatobranchus sp.(undescribed)

Image courtesy of Yanitza Grantcharska
Crystal Bay - Nusa Penida, Indonesia

Wow - another new one. Wished we had had this one when we prepared the second edition of NSSI. Darn - I guess we'll just have to wait for the third edition.

This is an exciting find as it is another flatworm mimic/model. It looks just like the polyclad flatworm, Pseudoceros scriptus (page 77 of Marine Flatworms by Newman & Cannon). The reason I say mimic/model is because, at this time, we don't know who is the mimic, the flatworm or the nudibranch, and which is the model being mimicked. This will take some study.

Several examples of sea slug/flatworm mimicry are presented in Nudibranch Behavior (pages 155-157). These include mimics of Goniobranchus (as Chromodoris) geometricus, G. preciosa, Chromodoris magnifica, Chelidonura varians and Felimare (as Hypselodoris ghiselini). Mimicry is a complicated and interesting biological phenomenon; neither the model nor the mimic can see each other or even know that the other exists. An outcome of many years of natural selection, it is however thought to be a form of protection for the mimic, as predators avoid it because it resembles a foul tasting (usually acid secreting) model, the predator remembers from an unfortunate experience in the past.

Yanitza's new find here is placed in Dermatobrachus because it lacks secondary respiratory leaves on the sides of the body, and the anterior edge of the mantle is incomplete, fused with the head behind the rhinophores. The color of the rhinophores differs from that of the Pseudoceros, but I doubt any predator would notice that. Otherwise the white dorsum with orange marginal band, and mid-lateral black marks, make it a ringer.

Great find Yanitza.


Newman, L. & L Cannon. 2003. Marine Flatworms - The World of Polyclads. CSIRO Publishing, Australia. 97 pages.

Dave Behrens
Sammamish, WA 98074
Nov., 2018
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Today, Yanitza is the founder and executive director of Save The Plastic, an international organization that fights marine plastic pollution, and she spends all her free time underwater, scuba diving and staring at all the macro world.

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