Goniobranchus sp.

Image courtesy of Stewart Clarke

Goniobranchus sp. (third new species from Abu Dhabi)

So this is Stewart's third incredible new species find from the marina at the Viceroy Hotel in Abu Dhabi, UAE. Can you believe this? See Goniobranchus sp. and Goniobranchus sp. for the first two.

Completely different from the first two unknowns, this species has a translucent notum covered with maroon pigmentation. It has a thin white marginal band, followed by a wider maroon band. Between this band and the central notal coloration is a series of yellow and white mantle glands, which likely produce chemical metabolites for the slug's defense.

The gill and rhinophores have a smattering of maroon with white outline.

Three distinctly different undescribed species all living together on the silty bottom of this luxury marina. Unbelievable!

Dave Behrens
Sammamish, WA 98074
May., 2017
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Stewart and friend
Stewart has been living and working in the United Arab Emirates for 9 years after escaping from the grey skies of the UK. It has only been during the last 5 years that he has been systematically searching for Nudibranchs in the surrounding waters of Eastern Arabia, and to date has recorded 300 species for the area. He believes there are still many more to discover especially in the less dived reefs of Western Abu Dhabi and hopes to bring a number of them to the BOW in the future.

He helps run a Facebook page called UAEbranchers that records and discusses local Nudibranch discoveries.

Stewart also posts a selection of his photos on instagram: @moistmacro as well as on the www.moistmacro.com website

I have also collated some of my photos in an album on my photography website

Stewart Clarke
May., 2017
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From left to right, Terry Gosliner, Angel Valdes, Dave Behrens La Jolla, Calif.

Send Dave email at davidwbehrens@gmail.com

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