I've been diving since 1987, and started using a camera immediately after certification. Probably 98% of my 750 logged dives have been with a camera and I just don't feel right diving without one. Prior to 1991 I lived and dived in San Diego, and also dived often in Baja California and several of the usual Caribbean spots. Since moving to Hawaii in 1991, I have access to comfortable, year round diving close to home. Living in Hawaii also gives me easier access to diving in the western equatorial Pacific at places like Sulawesi, Papua New Guinea and Solomon Islands where the bio-diversity is wonderful for underwater photographers. There is so much to photograph in the western Pacific and I've found that the challenge there is to make my film last as long as my air lasts. I currently use a Nikon 8008s with 105 mm macro lens in a Nexus housing and twin Ikelite 50s strobes.

The photograph of the juvenile Dendrodoris tuberculosa nudibranch was taken in July 1995 with Fuji Sensia film in 40 feet of water off Pupukea on Oahu's North Shore.

Jerry Kane
Honolulu, Hawaii
Aug., 1998

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