Call For Photographs for Slug of the Week

Do you have a photo of nudibranch you you like to share with our fellow sluggers? The Webmaster would like to feature branch's from all over the World as the Slug of the Week. Color slides and electronic images are welcome. Slides should be high quality, high contrast, sharp images for best scanning. Slides can be mailed to Mike Miller, 4777 Ladner, San Diego, CA 92113-3544. Please do not send any original slides if you can't afford to lose them. High quality dups will suffice. Any slides submitted will be returned by regular mail if return is requested. Electronic images can be e-mailed directly to the Webmaster at JPEG file formats are preferred. Please contact the Webmaster directly to arrange transmission over the net. Any available information such as identification, location of photo, details on how the photo was taken or any ecological information about the branch would be appreciated. Submitters should realize that the Webmaster can't control the downloading of any images put up and their subsequent use by the downloader.

As an added incentive, If you don't know the identification of your beast, Dave Behrens and Terry Gosliner have offered to assist in its ID.

Thanks...Your Webmaster

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