Cerberilla pungoarena

Cerberilla pungoarena Collier and Farmer, 1964 Cerberilla pungoarena Collier & Farmer, 1964 was originally recorded from Puerto Refugio, Isla Angel de la Guarda in the Gulf of California, Mexico. The description of that animal has smooth rhinophores not perfoliate (personal communication with Terry Gosliner checking the holotype). If you have a copy of my book 1980 SEA-SLUG GASTROPODS on page 48 please correct the Rhinophores to read non perfoliate or smooth. For the original description In: Transactions of the San Diego Society of Natural History Volume 13, No. 19, page 391 please correct 8th paragraph top line ...are are NOT perfoliate. This dorsal view of the slug is in addition to the anterior view in Plate 6 page 390. This genus and species in my opinion is the same species illustrated as Cerberilla sp. from San Diego, California.

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